2WD ROSduino


In this project, I used a couple of standard electronic parts to build an arduino car. It is either remote controlled by a xbox controller or autonomous with a sonic sensor. The challenge here was to figure out the electric circuit, a feasable ROS communication structure and implementing it all with C++. The final result can be seen here.

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Full remote controlled robot

Background story

In winter 2019/2020 I won a robotics challenge at TU Darmstadt. In short, it is about autonomous pick-and-place of tennisballs with a Turtlebot3 and an additional gripper arm with 5 degrees of freedom.

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TU Darmstadt robotics challenge winner 2019/2020

You can have a look at the finals in YouTube. The price was an arduino powered 2wd car set (Assembly).

  • after finished, I wanted it to be remote controlled
  • bought raspberry pi 4B to make it remote controlled
  • overkill, to make it autonomous, and not enough engin power
  • lead to my recent project


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Arduino car assembly parts
  • show source and some parts and explain in short

Controller to Arduino communication

  • explain communication between controller - laptop, laptop - raspberry pi, raspberry pi - Arduino